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CONTINUOUS PYROLYSIS PLANTS Recycling of electronic and automotive wastes
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Continuous pyrolysis plant TDP-2-2000

Technical characteristics

2000 kg/h capacity

continuous operation cycles per day

65 kWh tension

380 volt power consumption
Waste treatment and utilisation
  • e-waste WEEE
  • automotive Shredder Residue ASR
  • tires, rubber
  • The production process is based on the pyrolysis technology that is environmentally friendly thermal decomposition of WEEE and ASR waste into components for commercial-grade products manufacture.

    Delivered products:

    Dry residue =>

    • Carbon

    Screening residue (depending on the composition of waste WEEE):

    • Precious metals
    • Copper fractions
    • Fiberglass

    Boiler fuel =>

    • used for its intended purpose

    Pyrolysis gas:

    • used for the plant operation

    TDP-2-2000 ADVANTAGES:

    • minimum emissions into the air
    • low labor force participation
    • high performance
    • mobility
    • maximum degree of purification from third-party materials
    • high degree of recovery of precious materials


  • 1.       The raw material is continuously fed into the pyrolysis chamber by the screw conveyor.

    2.       Fuel is self-fed from fuel tank. After the process is stabilized, the burner is switched to produced pyrolysis gas.

    3.       Cooled mixture enters the separator where it is divided on different fractions:

            Pyrolysis oil is sent to the storage tank

            Pyrolysis gas is sent to the burner

            Cooled dry residue is discharged by screw conveyor and sent to components recovery

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