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Bio-Eco-CARBON process

Biochar is a cross functional product with numerous applications. Its production is carried out by thermal treatment without oxygen access (applying pyrolysis technology) producing rich in carbon product with highly stable yield.

Bio charcoal potential applicability lies in water filtration, storm water management, and green infrastructure practices; it ranges from medicine and food industries to landscaping and environmental management to tackle global warming.

Biochar Pyrolysis Plant Biochar produced by Eco-CARBON Biochar produced by Eco-CARBON

High-performance Bio-Eco-CARBON product can serve as a viable substitute for traditional forms of mineral amendments, enhancing soil fertility and contaminant remediation. Releasing heat-trapping carbon into the soil biochar holds it in moisture and nutrients to boost crop yields for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Strengthening the ecological aspects of bioenergy engineering bio coal is also high on a list of quick and effective climate change solutions. Biochar complements cuts in CO2 emissions thus achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement — 1 ton of biochar contains 3.7 tons of carbon dioxide.

Biomass to Biochar

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