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From ASR to Value. Eco-CARBON process

Circular economy is a crucial task for our society in which car shredder play an important role to enable the closure of the material cycle. Various metals and residual fractions known as automobile shredder residue (ASR) are extracted during this recycling process. These hazardous fractions contain minerals, polymers and metals as well as toxic substances — heavy metals and organic components. In addition, ASR have a high-energy value and carbon content.  Due to the hazardous and complex characteristics of this residue, it should be either combusted in a controlled manner or put on a special landfill for final disposal.

The Eco-CARBON process tackles these challenges and processes the shredder fluff into a metal concentrate that can be sold to the metal industry. Furthermore, the system is able to produce energy in the form of heat and electricity.

Currently different industrial Eco-CARBON plants are successfully running and the first Eco-CARBON 2000 t plant in Switzerland will be built in 2020. It processes 2t/h of automotive shredder residue and produces 800 kg/h of metal concentrate with valuable metals like copper but also precious metals. In addition, the plant produces annually about 15 GWh of electricity and 50 GWh of heat. Taking this energy an entire scarp yard, including a big car shredder, annual demand of heat and electricity can be supplied. Even more a significant amount of surplus energy can be sold.

In conclusion, our Eco-CARBON turns waste to value. As an additional benefit, fossil fuels are substituted, and the carbon footprint can be reduced with over 25’000 t CO2 equivalent per year.

We will inform about the successful tests and industrialization of ASR treating in Switzerland and global impacts.

 Eco-CARBON process   Eco-CARBON plant


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