Waste electrical and electronic equipment
CONTINUOUS PYROLYSIS PLANTS Recycling of electronic and automotive wastes
Biochar from wastes
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CH – 6331 Hünenberg
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About Eco-Carbon Ltd.

Eco-Carbon Ltd. is a Swiss engineering company, which was founded in 2017 as a result of partnership agreements between the company IPEC and Wiederkehr Recycling Gruppe

The company specializes in the field of Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR) and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling.
Low-temperature continuous pyrolysis lies at the heart of ASR and WEEE treatment process. Utilization takes place in a specially designed TDP-type pyrolysis unit.

A coal decay product called biochar is obtained in the process of natural and synthetic organic materials decomposition.

Eco-Carbon Ltd. has its own production and testing facilities. The company employs highly specialized engineers and qualified operating personnel. The unique know how and employees’ expertise in the field of all types waste reclamation and green technology determines the success of the company.

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